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BAE Ultra-light Field Howitzer Firing

BAE Ultra-light Field Howitzer

Detailed stress analysis and re-engineering for weight reduction of a number of highly safety critical components.

Project Brief

Randle Engineering were engaged by BAE to redesign a number of critical components on a field howitzer, with the primary aim to reduce weight without degrading the systems usability and longevity.

Project Summary

The UFH, or Ultra-light Field Howitzer, is a 155mm air transportable weapon weighing just 3745kg – half the weight of comparable howitzers. It has a range of 24.7km (unassisted), with a typical shell weighing around 40kg.

Randle Engineering developed a range of safety critical components for this system completing detailed structural analyses and design work. All the components passed durability tests first time and all relevant US DoD engineering quality standards were met.

Randle Engineering is one of a handful of suppliers in the UK with BAE Systems’ ‘1A Green’ quality accreditation, allowing us to work on safety critical equipment.

Project Outcomes

Successful redesign of the UFH system to meet weight and performance targets.


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