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Simulation & modelling

Using in-house tools or custom models Randle Engineering provide mathematical modelling & simulation services for customer projects, from simple to highly complex systems.

Simulation & modelling

Simulation & analysis from first principles

We create models using a variety of tools, ranging from simple Excel calculations to multi-DOF models in commercial codes such as Matlab/Simulink & MSC ADAMS. We believe in using an appropriate level of model complexity to match the type & maturity level of the project.

  • Vehicle ride & handling simulation
  • Tyre modelling & data estimation
  • Suspension kinematics & compliance simulation
  • EV range simulation
  • Acceleration & braking analysis
  • Modal & NVH analysis
  • Lap time simulation
  • Component loadcase generation
Cab trailer example sketch
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Articulated vehicle stability

Development of an explicit vehicle model using multi-body simulation software to analyses the dynamic stability of a tractor-trailer unit.

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